Oracle SOAR vs RAPIDUpgrade Solution Comparison

Moving To The Cloud Cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle SOAR, the push for you to move to the cloud increases. You either need to look at what is involved to move to the cloud or you have already decided that is something you need to do. There will be more […]

Oracle SOAR vs RAPIDUpgrade Solution Comparison


Oracle SOAR vs RAPIDUpgrade Comparison


Moving To The Cloud

Cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle SOAR, the push for you to move to the cloud increases. You either need to look at what is involved to move to the cloud or you have already decided that is something you need to do. There will be more pressures yet to come and not just technical reasons but very real business and cost issues. So let us be realistic you are moving to cloud it is now just a decision of when.

One more pressure point is the release of Oacle SOAR and the promise of making the move automated with hand holding by Oracle. The need for such a feature has been obvious for some time as the move from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle ERP Cloud is a sensitive one for many companies as they have spent a lot of time and money fitting the existing system to their business.

Oracle’s announcement therefore is a welcome one but they are not the only one with an automated solution as Rapid4Cloud have had an automated solution for more than 18 months and have reference customers in most geographies around the world, our solution is fast, accurate and provides the features that customers have been asking for.

The Right Migration For Your Company

Finding the correct migration plan for your company is the first step to the cloud. You have an existing ERP that has been running for few years already, so how to migrate to the cloud?

The volume of your data may make it problematic for manual migrations, it is time to use an automated application.

Hopefully, there are already two cloud-based solutions to make your journey to the cloud easier.

The first one was launched in January 2017 by Rapid4Cloud and is called RAPIDUpgrade. A suite of automated software to extract, transform and load your Oracle ERP R11 or R12 data.

The second solution has been released in June 2018 by Oracle and is called Oracle SOAR and described as “designed to accelerate upgrades to the cloud” for Oracle ERP R12 customers.

Oracle SOAR or RAPIDUpgrade?

Oracle SOAR is led by Oracle through Oracle Consulting, an Oracle CSM and a 24×7 migration support team. The only problem is they don’t know your business. Neither do we but as we have a real product we can team this together with your regular or favorite implementor to lead you through the process.

If it is an automated product why do I need anyone to help? Well, while we can automate moving your setups, master data and open transactions but there are still differences in setups, customizations, interfaces, reports and training in the new system that you need help with. We can help you directly In any country or team with your favorite Oracle implementation company.

To help you understand some of the differences between the two available solutions, we have created a comparison table based on the information gathered at the time of writing this document. See what best fits your company needs and feel free to contact us.




Oracle SOAR vs RAPIDUpgrade
  Oracle SOAR RAPIDUpgrade
RELEASE DATE June, 2018 January, 2017
Oracle E-Business Suite R12
Oracle E-Business Suite R11.5.10.2
Scans EBS for customizations
Extracts EBS configuration parameters
COA, Cost Centers, Employee Hierarchy, Users, etc.
Automatically configures Oracle Fusion ERP
Ability to select by operating unit
Ability to select by data types
Ability to transform data (such as COA or ORG structure)
Ability to migrate operating unit(s) at different times
Ability to clean Oracle Setups prior to load to the cloud
Extracts data from EBS and loads to Oracle Fusion
Ability to clean Master Data prior to load to the cloud
Ability to transform Master Data (merge Customers and/or Suppliers)
Ability to select Master Data to load based on customer criterias
Transaction data
Large library of pluggable Oracle Fusion integrations
Report of EBS customizations
Analysis of options Consulting Engagement Consulting Engagement
Projects (Costing and Billing)
Procurement (Core Purchasing and Self Service)
Supply Chain (incl. Manufacturing)
Converted setups for the selected operating units
Converted setups that are not immediately needed
Customized Setups that cannot be loaded to Oacle Cloud
Obsolete Setups
New mandatory functionalites for which there is no existing EBS equivalent
Mapping report of Oracle EBS screens/fields to Oracle Fusion screens/fields
Drill down mapping (each screen, each record and what has been migrated or has not been migrate)
All other setups not migrated (such as not in scope)
Other functionalites that cannot be mapped (if any)


The table shows some big differences in flexibility. If you want to be able to have a clean Oracle ERP Cloud instance and either leave behind all the companies that you divested or change your chart of accounts or even your naming conventions then Rapid4Cloud will be your choice.

Oracle is the brand and will provide the resources to look after you with Oracle SOAR but you need someone that either understands your business or someone that can understand it quickly.

We can come directly or bring to the table highly experienced global implementors.

The automation, intelligence and decision making capabilities our software brings to this migration make it unparalleled for speed, quality and cost.

If you have not made a decision to move to cloud, we can use our automated solution to provide you with an assessment that actually runs the conversion and gives you a detailed analysis of your environment.

Each company is unique, do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information, we will be delighted to help you choose the right migration solution and partner for your Oracle ERP.

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